If you are music producer, songwriter, or singer and you need electric and acoustic bass player for your recording session, you can contact me on WhatsApp

Just send your music chart on PDF/ XML/ jpg format. or if you’re using DAW, just send me the audio 24/48 KHz Sample rate.


It’s Cheap, only $30/ track with 1 time revision.

Royaly free, so you can own full license of the recordings.

It’s safe! You can check my reputation on social media.

How long?

it will takes 1-2 business day, meanwhile you can chat with me on Whatsapp or Instagram.




You can send amount of money through paypal or simply transfer it on mobile banking, QRIS scan the barcode below.

I’m using Yamaha BB & Yamaha BB 300 precision model. Here is my sound 👇🏻



My Gear:

  • Logic Pro X DAW
  • Macbook Pro

for further information, send me a text +6285881832305

thank you