​Nikita Jeffrey Dompas (guitarist,  band leader, music producer and music arranger) born   and   raised   in   Jakarta   –   Indonesia   on   14  April   1981.   He   began  work   on instrument guitar seriously when he was 17 years old under the guidance of renowned jazz guitarist Oele Patiselano – Indonesia.
Then he continued his guitar studies underthe guidance of Ahmad Ananda and also with Guenter Weiss, Max Zentawer (both guitarist and music educator from Germany), John Stowell (United States), Hideaki Tokunaga (Japan).
In 2003 – 2006, Nikita decided to deepen their knowledge in the field of music into a music school founded by pianist and music teacher graduates in Germany, Tjut NyakDeviana Daudsjah and Aksan Sjuman the Institut Musik Daya Indonesia (IMDI).
At IMDI, he not only learn the guitar, but also explore Composition (Classical and Jazz),Arrangement,   and  Pedagogy.  At   the  age  of  25  years   in  2006,  Nikita  getting  his bachelor’s degree from the Institut Musik Daya Indonesia as the Performer and Music Educators. And also to continue his career in the field of the performing  and teaching.
As a guitarist, Nikita Dompas have worked with quite a lot of names (names that have been   familiar   in   the  world   of   pop,   jazz,   and   rock  music)   in   Indonesia,   among others: Indra Lesmana,  Benny Mustafa,  Benny Likumahuwa,  Oele Patiselano,  Tjut Nyak Deviana Daudsjah, Yance Manusama, Barry Likumahuwa Project, Tomorrow People  Ensemble,   Souleh   n   Soulehah,  Humania,  Aksan   Sjuman   ,   Tika   and  The dissidents,  Andien,  Jamie Aditya,  Vina Panduwinata,  Rieka Roslan,  Glenn Fredly,Dewi Sandra, Melly Goeslaw, Ayushita, Calvin Jeremy, Dewi Lestari, Andi Rianto,Erwin Gutawa Orchestra ,Aminoto Kosin Orchestra and others .
Not only with local musicians, Nikita also been working with several internationalmusicians   such   as   Peter   Scherr,  Masako  Hamamura,  Hideaki   Tokunaga,  Haggai Cohen Milo, Gerard Albright, Lenny Castro, Paul Roth, Joe Beaty, John Beaty, etc
He played in various jazz festivals in Indonesia and overseas : Java Jazz  International   Jazz   Festival,   Jazz  Goes  To  Campus,  Malacca   Strait   Jazz   Festival,Indonesia Open Jazz, Taichung Jazz Festival, the International Association of Jazz Students, Jazzahead Festival in  Bremen Germany and others
In   2009   he   starting   his   new   role   in   the  music   business   .   as   a   bandleader   for Indonesia’s finest pop jazz singer Andien Asiyah . And also produced her comeback record together with Rifka Rachman. He continues to work and produce music with Andien up until now
In 2012 he joined one of Indonesia’s best Pop Rock Group “POTRET” alongside Melly Goeslaw , Anto Hoed, Aksan Sjuman and Merry Kasiman. 
In 2014 Nikita is working with film director Angga Dwimas Sasongko for the Movie“Cahaya dari Timur” as a film composer. The movie is produced by the singer GlennFredly . To be release in June 19th 2014 all over Indonesia. The Music Score was nominated in Piala Maya 2014 and won the award for The Best Scoring.
in 2015 he got called by the SONY Music Indonesia. They offered him a challenge to co-produce an Indonesian Rock grup Musikimia (members are all Rockstar Veteran). Without any hesitation Nikita took the gig and produced 2 out of 10 songs of their new record Intersisi (Sony Music Indonesia 2016). The song that he produced ( Dan Bernyanyilah & Bertahan Untukmu) ranked number 1 in Indonesian pop charts.
in 2016 Nikita is currently developing his new venture The Shoemaker Studio (www.shoemakerstudios.com) with his close friend Harmoko Aguswan (sound engineer & Tomorrow People Ensemble's producer) ,& Prajna Murdaya ( a bussiness man whose really in love with music & creativity).