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Lantun Orchestra

Lantun Orchestra is an AMI award nominee for world music category. The Orchestra based in Jakarta, Indonesia and is the unique ensemble of its kind in the world. A Hybrid orchestra, it is a combination of jazz ensemble, gambang kromong & tanjidor. comprising 8-17 top notch musicians, including singer, songwriter, music producer and arranger.

Lantun Orchestra was founded in 2014 by Chaka Priambudi which manages and arranges the orchestra. Since then, Lantun Orchestra has become an example of culture blend between Betawi (Jakarta Traditional Music) and Jazz Music. The name of the group has taken from Indonesian language Lantun which means ‘to sing’ and Orchestra is an ensemble consist of various type of music instruments.

Lantun Orchestra is known for its performances of world music and jazz works. It has worked with many prominent artists, including the legendary keroncong singer Sundari Soekotjo, Indra Aziz, Danilla, Oele Pattiselano.

Some remarkable of its performances:

  • Betawi Meets Jazz 2015
  • Betawi Hari Ini 2016
  • Betawi Hari Ini 2018
  • SEOUL MUSIC WEEK 2018 South Korea


Lantun Orchestra Vol.1

Lantun Orchestra Vol. 2 (coming soon)

Diterbitkan oleh Chaka Music Production

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